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KACST GIS Technology Innovation Center (GISTIC)

GISTIC: Maximizing Potentials in Technology, Innovation and Research

Getting to Know More About GISTIC

GISTIC means GIS Technology Innovation Center, which has been under UQU (Umm Al-Qura University). This is basically an interdisciplinary innovation, technology and research center in Saudi Arabia, which contributes to an effective visualizing, analyzing, managing and understanding of spatio-temporal and spatial geographic phenomena.

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GIS Center Saudi Arabia is presenting strong support on the following areas:

· Water source management;

· Urban planning;

· Location-based services;

· Crowd management;

· Transportation;

· Mapping technology;

· Land information system;

· Road networks;

· And more

It is the pioneer R&D Center Saudi Arabia that is committed to:

· Applied research

· Governmental and industrial partnership

· Professional training

· Outreach activities

· Fostering innovation ideas; and

· Technology transfer

Through GIS projects, there will be more communities and more organizations that can fulfill their specific goals and mission. As part of these projects, there have been several products developed to make certain processes fast, easy and convenient.

GISTIC Innovative Products

The creative and holistic development of each team in the research center gave rise to the creation of different useful products such as:

· Hajj and Umrah App – This app has been made available in 2014. It is used by the pilgrims to track Sunnah, Wajib, and Fard of Hajj according to the given time and location.

· e-HealthCare – Such product has been designed to give physical therapy at home for patients who suffered from Hemiplegia or stroke.

· Hajj Management System – It is also an app which has been designed for facilitating management system of pilgrims for Hajj agencies, ministries, missions and mutawwifin.

· Vehicle Connect – It is another application, which is integrated with a framework designed to manage the dynamic and large crowd of a transportation eco-system. This has been made adaptive and smart to huge and dynamic crowds.

· Family Connect Pro – It is an app, which was developed for more interactive channel among pilgrims and their loved ones. Through this application, they can share images, audio messages and text images.

These are some of the innovative products created by the expert and professional team of this research center in Saudi Arabia. In the future, there are more amazing changes as well as additional products and projects to be expected.

GIS Center Saudi Arabia is comprised of several teams that work as one to come up with the desired results. Every member is fully aware of the mission and goals of this center. They continue to support technology transfer that ranges from scientific to application domain. The best thing about GISTIC is that it does not just service academic research, but even numerous regional geospatial industries.

Every member of the team has specific roles and responsibilities that he or she should perform to the best of his or her ability. GIS Center Saudi Arabia continually makes an impressive feature to the industry where it belongs. Its extensive background and experience in dealing with innovation, research and technology made it more reliable and more confident to accept the challenges along the way.


The KACST GIS Technology Innovation Center (GISTIC) at Umm Al-Qura University is an interdisciplinary technology, innovation, and research center contributing to the effective understanding, managing, analyzing, and visualizing of spatial and spatio-temporal geographic phenomena in Saudi Arabia. GISTIC enables technology transfer by supporting applied research, nurturing innovative ideas, engaging in outreach activities, sponsoring professional training, and establishing partnerships with industry and government agencies.

GISTIC has successfully attracted industry experts, academics, visiting scholars, and interns to execute a wide range of ground breaking projects at the center. This diverse and richly experienced team continues to grow and champion the goals and milestones set for the center.