5 Things You Ought To Know About GIS

Geographic Information System has become very important in different fields and every day life. There are businesses today that fully rely on GIS to make good decisions that have the potential of growing the business higher and bringing in better returns. However, not very many people know about GIS and what it is all about. Here are the top things that everyone needs to know about the field.

  1. GIS has much more to it than just maps

The online mapping on GIS is probably one of the things that make it known to people, but it can also be a very important analytical tool for public agencies, businesses and scientists. The data systems usually integrate maps with information like census data, traffic patterns and land features among others so that the user has an easy grasp of how they relate to the location of interest. This means that the projects can be used for so much more than just getting a map representation of the location.

  1. It’s different from GPS

GPS or Global Positioning Systems basically just tell about your current location or the current location of someone or the item you are interested in. Unlike GIS, GPS does not go further in telling you deeper details about that location, but it at least gives you the ability to track location in real time through GPS systems. They can, however both work hand in hand to give better results because the database from GIS gives more details and the GPS guides the location.

  1. GIS does more than moving you from point to point

GIS applications have so much more value than just navigation. The data is generally used for planning purposes and accessing economic and environmental effects so that the parties involved can make better decisions as far as a location is concerned thanks to the land patterns. It can be applied in different sectors to offer valuable data that helps in making decisions and planning projects that are at hand.

  1. It is flexible

This is in the sense that the data can be used both for small projects and larger projects to guide decision making. For example, a farmer can use the data to refine small scale decisions such as which areas of his farm to use, which type of fertilizer and in what amounts or he can use the same on a broad area to understand where the same use of fertilizer amounts to farming problems.

  1. The GIS information is very secure

Most people worry about threatened privacy and security when using GIS because of the easily accessible data on their property. However, GIS applications adhere to privacy guidelines that are strict. Considering that there could be public participation in the applications, it is always better for the access to be balanced with privacy protection for better decision making and most companies do this. You can discuss such worries with the GIS company handling your project just to feel more at ease.

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