Basic Facts About GIS And GPS

A large number of people today know a few things about GPS and actually they have it installed on their devices and even vehicles to help with easy navigation. However, not very many people know that much about GIS and many end up confusing the two even though they can be very different. Here are a few facts that can help you differentiate the two.

How they work

Global Positioning System or GPS works through a radio receiver that sends signals to an existing satellite system. The system then networks with other satellites to find the information you need before sending it back to the receiver in a process known as trilateration. Using the sent message time and location of the satellite, a GPS system pinpoints the location of your receiver. This kind of information is what is used to give direction, time, see maps and even locate other GPS users.

On the other hand, geographic information system GIS acts as a database for geographical data. It collects data, stores it, analyzes it and arranges it in a way that it is more understandable to the user. Whereas GPS gathers information, GIS makes it sensible because it can calculate spatial areas and give guidance on the location of interest. Users can determine a region’s possible change and progress using the GIS data.

How to get them

GPS systems are very common and they can be got from phone apps or bought as navigation systems to install in your vehicle. Some cars today actually come with GPS programmed already and they can also be installed on computers. However, GIS systems are not tangible and are programs designed to store and keep geographical data organized. You would need to be trained to put your GIS skills at work and handle projects that prove to be important to individuals, entities and other kinds of professionals that need the important data. If you are looking for data, then you hire services from a GIS research center to get detailed information.

How they are used

GPS devices can be used by practically anyone who has an interest with easier navigation and they can be downloaded to any given device including the smartphones that have taken over the society. Military and other organizations also find GPS very helpful, but they can also be used even by parents to keep track of their kids and fleet companies to keep track of their vehicles. GIS on the other hand is used more professionally to help with decision making. Government agencies, developers, scientists and other professionals usually rely on GIS to get all land details that influence their projects and decisions that they make. GIS systems are not as accessible and easy to use by individuals and hence mostly the services of a good GIS center are required to help the individual with the data that they need unlike GPS systems that anyone can use without the assistance of a professional and still make sense of gathered info.

A good research center Saudi Arabia should offer you all services that you need amongst them the important GIS. The more you know about GIS, the easier it becomes to hire the needed services.