GIS How Does It Work?

GIS is designed to capture geographical information, manage, and analyze it and then display it. It is what makes it possible for professionals and organizations to view and understand trends, patterns and... read more

What Your Organization Can Do With GIS

A geographical information system can be used for all kinds of projects that are geographically related. Many organizations and businesses are now employing the system to make appropriate decisions to grow... read more

R & D 101

Research and Development or known as the R&D is the general term for certain activities for the government or corporate innovation. But these activities vary from one company to another company.... read more

Understanding about GIS

GIS or Geographic Information System helps to visualize, analyze, question and interpret the data or information to understand the relationships, trends and patterns. Many organizations have been using this... read more

Improve Collaboration with Mobile GIS

Mobile GIS is a powerful geo-centric platform. With mobile GIS, businesses can benefit from considerable truck roll reductions, 100% online/offline availability, continuous business process flows, complete... read more

Smart City Modern Technology

There is a city that uses digital technologies to enhance the performance of the wellbeing of its citizens through innovation is now existing in the world. This City is called the “Smart City” or also known... read more