Smart Hajj

The Smart Hajj Applications will make your trip perfect and easy. You will know all about the rituals in a format that were organized step by step. You can be connected with your family members as well as... read more

Innovative Technology

Technology has always been part of our lives. Everywhere you look from the left, right, back and front technology exist and it is fast changing. Now almost every one of us is very dependent on it, and... read more

Smart City

Cities around the globe are all considered to be all smart that result for the services of the people living in the city, but the most attractive city has more visitors and businesses around, a better place... read more

Use of GIS in Language Mapping

People on earth speak different kinds of language. These languages can’t understand when you are not using or familiar with it.  But because people now are experts in different fields they discover technology... read more

What are the GIS Research Center Principles?

GIS research centre is built specifically to design and propagate GIS software, projects and technologies for many countries, consult several organizations across the globe and create digital maps. Around the... read more

GIS use in times of disaster

Have you ever been experience disaster in your life? Does it scare you? What did you do to surpass that disaster? Disaster is a natural calamity that no one knows when it will happen and when it will arrive.... read more

Continuous Innovation for GIS

Are you familiar with GIS? Well, if you are working in this field, most probably, you know thousands of information about it. Oftentimes, people engaged with this industry or any technologies concerning... read more

Benefits of GIS

A Geographic Information System is computerized information management system design to manage, retrieve, capture analyze, display and store spatial data. Information gather and use in a GIS mostly presented... read more