Can GIS Be Applied In Telecommunications And The Media?

The answer to this question is yes. There is just a lot that geographic information system can do to enhance the media and telecommunication industries. When you get a good GIS service provider, then it is easy to have a system that is specific to your needs developed so you have an easy time managing your operations accurately and successfully. Below is a look at how GIS can help in making improvements in the media and telecommunications.


Comprehensive solutions such as informative map illustrations done on paper and digital forms as well optimized targeted marketing can be created. When these solutions are offered, you are able to get market advantage that helps you stay ahead of competition. Considering how competitive and tough the markets have become, you definitely want to have a winning hand in advertising revenue and gaining customers and GIS can help you achieve this. So what exactly can you use GIS for in the media?

  • It can be used to create richly detailed maps and illustrative maps in digital and print form for whatever publication needs you have. The detailed and illustrative maps engage the user and they can also be integrated into social medial networks that have become very popular.
  • It can be used for marketing analysis where you get to understand your target groups and the needs they have before putting together a marketing product that gives you the results that you desire. You are able to make the publication attractive to advertisers and to acquire new customers through targeted marketing and market segmentation.
  • GIS can be used to provide a geographical overview of the complaints you receive, subscriber current status and courier routes among others so you have an easy time knowing your customers. You will in the end have a customer center that manages to carry out follow-ups and ensure existing customers remain happy and satisfied with your services and products.


By linking your external data sources with internal work processes, GIS can give you an advantage over your competition. The information is assembled and visualized in a way that transcend the boundaries between different systems and departments so you make decisions that are informed in customer service, sales, infrastructure or marketing. A good system solution will offer you:

  • Tools for detailed management and planning of your fiber infrastructure
  • Solutions dealing with localization and prospecting of new and attractive geographical markets
  • Solutions for your direct reporting of sales and management of field sales

GIS technology is rapidly being embraced by various field players because of the benefits it offers. There is practically no area that the location system and mapping cannot help. But to get the results that you expect within your area of specialization, you should make sure that you choose a GIS company that offers the best services and one that has experience and knowledge it requires to put together a system solution that matches with the exact needs you have so you can stay ahead of competition.

The telecommunication is without a doubt one of the areas that can be improved by GIS. You can however enjoy the media benefits that this technology now makes possible to take your business a notch higher.