Common GIS Projects

GIS centers usually work with local governments, developers and other individual clients for a number of projects they can handle to meet with the geographic needs of the clients. They play a huge role in ensuring that there is better geographical management and decision making and you can also have your GIS project handled for you to help you make the best decision based on the data that you get from the research. The most common projects that GIS centers handle are:

Asset capture – The project is all about identifying assets that are not captured yet within a GIS system before any developments are done in a given area. All information on the missing assets is extracted and then digitized using aerial photographs of the given area. The photos are commonly referred to as orthophotos.

Waste management – GIS research centers can also handle waste management projects where waste collection is mapped to help with management of existing systems or new developments that need to be incorporated into the existing systems. This kind of project captures assets related to waste management and a network analysis is done to determine the best collection routes.

Transport planning – The projects are very sensitive because they help with mapping the transport network in a given area to improve services and come up with future development plans that are viable and reliable to make a positive change to the existing network. The findings of this kind of GIS project shows the current routes and zones of collection to serve the needs of the client that is having the research done.

Identification of development land – This is a project that can be done for any kind of client, including individuals who are interested in finding the best land for their business developments. The spatial information is analyzed to help identify land with the most appropriate conditions and zoning to meet the developer needs. The projects are very important since they curb situations where developments are done on land that has underlying geographic risks such as waterbeds that can pose dangers to the property in the near future.

Service information – Surveyors, architects, real estate agents and builders can use this GIS project to get all information relevant to their fields, including drainage, sewerage and water system information to help with the development and management of their properties. A good research center can avail all important information on the location of interest to guide this type of clients. They can also get customized maps to match their needs and for use in whatever other projects they might have.

Identification of changes – Change is inevitable, even in geographical terms and a GIS project can help you the client monitor and assess landscape changes that are bound to happen over time. Spatial interrogation is done to you with the information that you need on the area for your own purpose. For instance, such a project can be used to analyze an infestation on a given area over a period of time.