Geographic Information System and Latest Technology

The geographic information system, commonly called GIS is a computer system use to capture, store, check, and display the data in connection to the position of the surface of the Earth. GIS will be able to show several various kinds of data in one map. This is going to allow people to easily see, understand, and analyze all about the patterns and relationships.

Using the GIS technology, people will be able to compare the locations of various things so they can discover how they are connected to one another. For an instance, using the GIS system, similar map can include the sites which are producing pollution like the gas stations and the sites which are sensitive to pollution like wetlands. This kind of map will help the people to identify which of the wetlands are at risk.

GIS could utilize any kind of information which is connected to location. Location could be expressed in several various ways, like longitude and latitude, ZIP code, or an address. Several various types of information could be compared and contrasted with the help of GIS. This system could include information about people like population, education level, and income. This can include data about a land, like the exact location of the streams, various types of vegetation, and various kinds of soil. This can include data about the sites of farms, factories, roads, storm drains, and the electric power lines.

Data and GIS

Data in several various forms could be entered in GIS. Data which are already in a map form could be included in the GIS. This includes information like the location of the valleys, hills, roads, and rivers. Computerized or digital, data could be entered in GIS. Sample of this kind of information is the data gathered by the satellites which show land use such as the location of the forests, towns, and farms. At the same time, GIS could include data in a table form like the information about population. The GIS technology lets all of these various types of information, and it does not matter what their original format or source are.

Putting information in GIS is called data capture. Data which are already in the digital form like the images which are taken by the satellites could be easily uploaded to GIS. These maps need to be scanned and converted into digital information.

GIS need to make information from all of the different maps and sources to align so that they are going to fit together. One reason why this is important is that every map has various scales. Scale is known to be the relationship between the distance in a map and its actual distance in our planet. GIS is going to combine this information from the various sources in a way that these are all going to have the same scale. GIS can really use a lot in every field of industry in fact this system is very useful especially in the field of technology.