GIS improvement of water management in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia

GDWER (general directorate of water in eastern region), Saudi Arabia, is engaged in the provision of all sorts of water services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more specifically the eastern region. The principal responsibilities of the organization are to implement develop and design all sorts of waste water and water network projects and also the projects aimed at water treatment. GDWER is also determined to establish a structure that is solid for the operation of the wastewater and water utilities that are at their disposal.

GDWER is situated in Dammam which is the capital within the eastern region. There are other cities that are near Dammam and they are all a modern economic hub that is truly thriving. Within the cities, there is a population of some two million people while Dammam alone has got 600,000.

GDWER receives lots of calls within the service center where people report issues such as interrupted supply of water, burst pipes and water supply interruptions. They have to respond very quickly to the incidents. However, establishing where the problem is not always an easy thing. Before, the organization hand lots of silos of data around its directorate. Data wasn’t shared and duplication often occurred.

GDWER went through an evaluation process that was very intense and Moammar Information Systems was selected so as to provide GIS solution that would utilize Esri’s ArcGIS server tech.

This led to the creation of a spatially enabled and unified wastewater and water data model so as to form a basis for this project. This data model is a representation of all the wastewater and water elements like house connections, fittings, treatment plants, pipes and elements. The GIS solution is now being used by GDWER for the management of the underground assets.

To make this strategy successful, the key was to implement enterprise management system often referred to as EAM. This GIS system is what enabled GDWER to integrate EAM system successfully as well as the asset information that is location based for things such as water treatment plants, meters and pipes with an attribute of data stored in the GIS.

GIS was also integrated with great success with SCADA system for well network. This integration makes it possible for the GDWER SCADA system to be part of central information and IT infrastructure which makes it possible for quick response to all sorts of malfunctions and anomalies that may occur within the network systems.

GDWER also used Remedy software to implement their call center. When a call is made by a customer, an operational response is initiated by the system. A predefined workflow is used so as to manage logging and tracking of the event. The workflows developed herein allow the management and definition of the operation procedures that are standard and support at the call center.

Workflows analyses the automated response of the system and the response can be escalated to an even higher level if there is a need to do so. The remedy system also allows the user to make an automatic record of the exact location for every event within the network and also to make an analysis so as to determine the possible impact on the areas that surround. By making use of the map location as a form of reference, they are able to identify all assets at all location and can then dispatch different work crews so as to handle the event.