GIS Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are numbers of data that could be displayed and inventoried with the use of GIS or Geographic Information System such as from natural resources, wildlife, cultural resources, wells, springs, water lines, fire hydrants, roads, streams and also houses. The quantities and so the densities of a certain item within a given area could be displayed and calculated. But there are still many things that you could do with the use of GIS technology.

Here are some of the advantages of using GIS technology:

  • It has the ability of improving the organizational integration. GIS would then integrate software, hardware and also data in order to capture, analyse, manage and so display all forms of information being geographically referenced.
  • GIS would also allow viewing, questioning, understanding, visualizing and interpreting the data into numbers of ways which will reveal relationships, trends and patterns in the form of globes, maps, charts and reports.
  • Geographic Information System is to provide a help in answering questions as well as solve problems through looking at the data in a way which is easily and quickly shared.
  • GIS technology could also be integrated into framework of any enterprise information system.
  • And there would be numbers of employment opportunities.

Those are among the advantages that could be provided with the use of GIS technology. Considering the use of the said technology might be considered as of great decision to make.

On the other hand, there are as well some disadvantages that might be experienced because of using the GIS technology. And some of those are drawbacks are the following:

  • GIS technology might be considered as expensive software.
  • It as well requires enormous data inputs amount that are needed to be practical for some other tasks and so the more data that is to put in.
  • Since the earth is round and so there would be geographic error that will increase as you get in a larger scale.
  • GIS layers might lead to some costly mistakes once the property agents are to interpret the GIS map or the design of the engineer around the utility lines of the GIS.
  • There might be failures in initiating or initiating additional effort in order to fully implement the GIS but there might be large benefits to anticipate as well.

Those are among the pitfalls with the use of GIS technology and so could be experienced or not based on some instances. The above mentioned disadvantages could be considered as case to case basis based on how efficient the GIS technology will be used.

In general, there is really a fact that GIS technology has the ability to offer both advantages and disadvantages to everyone. With those pros and cons that are mentioned above there will no doubt that there is still of great potential if GIS technology is used apart from the idea of some disadvantages. Now that we are in this generation, the use of GIS technology is indeed of great opportunity to experience its best advantages.