GISTIC Innovative Solutions


SHAHED: A MapReduce-based System for Querying and Visualizing Spatio-temporal Satellite Data Remote sensing data collected by satellites are publicly available through several space agencies. This data is... read more


TAGHREED: A System for Querying, Analyzing, and Visualizing Tweets Social media analysis is valuable for the study of anything from fashion trends to friendships. However, there are few systems able to study... read more


Understanding vehicle and crowd movement and behavior is becoming increasingly important as public and private institutions attempt to make efficient use of their infrastructure via traffic and crowd... read more


NaveBees: An Indoor Navigation System (Case Study Masjid Al-Haram) Al-Haram, the Holy Mosque in Makkah, is the world’s largest mosque. It occupies an area of 356,000 square meters and accommodates around 2... read more


Perform Hajj & Umrah is a mobile application designed to guide pilgrims in performing the obligatory and supplementary activities of Hajj and Umrah in a context aware manner based on location, day, and... read more


Family Connect Pro is a mobile application to enrich the connection between religious pilgrims and their friends and family. Connected people can receive text messages, images, and audio messages from a... read more


Hajj Management System is a mobile application for Hajj providers and agencies to facilitate pilgrim management. It can be used to observe real-time and historical travel paths of Hajj-related GPS-fitted... read more


iTheraphy is a Web-based application that aims to provide home-based physical therapy to patients suffering from stroke or hemiplegia. A therapy program designed for a patient is presented in the form of a... read more


Have you ever forgotten how many rounds around Ka’aba you have made so far? The Tawaf mobile application counts the rounds automatically for you, and notifies you when you’ve completed seven... read more


TAREEG: A MapReduce-Based System for Extracting Spatial Data from OpenStreetMap TAREEG is a web-service that makes spatial data from anywhere in the world available to any researcher or individual. TAREEG... read more


The HajjSense Platform aims to provide a real-time interactive platform to monitor pilgrim movements and activities and provide timely predictions of situational issues such as accumulating traffic... read more


CoreBlu tags are small wireless transmitters based on Bluetooth Smart technology. Once setup, CoreBlu tags will continuously broadcast a signal/beacon (similar to a radio station) that can be detected by any... read more


TAHDEED is a desktop application for modeling hotspots of vector-borne diseases, and spatio-temporal risks of the diseases based on the locations of diseases and their vectors.  These models can used to... read more