Smart Hajj

The Smart Hajj Applications will make your trip perfect and easy. You will know all about the rituals in a format that were organized step by step. You can be connected with your family members as well as with your friends back home and a lot more of smart gadget applications can be found here.

These Smart gadgets application will provide you with all the necessary steps that you need in order to have your trip easy by knowing the day, location and time of the place that you’re going to visit. Smart gadget applications will help you track the way that you are going to base from your current location.

The Perform Hajj and Umrah has been the pioneer of several mobile applications found in smart gadgets. These applications guide pilgrims during their trip as the world’s first checklist of Hajj. This kind of application is specially designed to offer people the convenience that they need throughout their spiritual trip. These apps target to give the pilgrims a direct access to the mobile technology which serves as a guide to them. This can help an approximate of three million pilgrims that stays in a specific place on their way to their desire Hajj options from the start until the end.

The Smart Hajj application for smart gadgets includes the following:

Hajj and Umrah Rituals Guide

It performs Umrah and Hajj rituals that have never been a user friendly before.

Services for Out of Boundary

By staying inside the Hudud, you will be required to perform a Hajj so this app will be helpful for you.

Services for Health

If you are not feeling well, this app can help you in forwarding the health form instantly.

Services for Complaint

If you are not happy with the service that your agent is giving you, this smart gadget app will help you in reporting your problem with your agent.

Messenger of Hajj with Audio and Text

This smart gadget application will help you with your hatting and photo sharing with your family members, friends and as well as to your co-pilgrims.

Offline Maps

This app is designed for pilgrims in order for them to view, navigate and search to their point of interest. They can use this smart gadget app even there is no internet connection.

Reviews of Place of Interest

This app let the pilgrims search for places that catch their interest as well as to have an idea about it by finding what the reviews are about that place.

Through the invention of the smart gadgets as well as to the invention of the applications, it helps a lot of people in making their way of life fast and easy to live. Pilgrims will surely have fun and their pilgrimage will surely become an unforgettable one with the help of this apps.