The amazing GISTIC Products

GISTIC stands for: GIS Technology Innovation Center. This center has been operating under UQU and it is principally an interdisciplinary research, technology and innovation center within Saudi Arabia. It contributes to the effective understanding, managing, analyzing and visualizing of the spatial geographic and spatio-temporal phenomena.

This center in Saudi Arabia offers amazing support in areas such as:

  • Land information systems
  • Mapping tech
  • Transportation
  • Crowd management
  • Location based services
  • Urban planning
  • Water source management
  • Road networks and so much more.

This center is committed to the fostering of ideas, outreach activities, professional training, governmental/industrial partnership, applied research, and the transfer of technology. Through the GIS center, organizations and communities are able to meet goals and fulfill their missions. To make the various processes convenient, easy and fast, products have been developed.

GISTIC Innovative Products are vast and are really helpful. The holistic and creative development of the research team in the center has led to creation of some pretty amazing products. The products find application in different areas. The products include:

The Hajj and Umrah App: this app became available in the year 2014. It is an app that pilgrims find very useful especially as they try to locate Fard, Wajib, and Sunnah of Hajj according to the location and time given.

E-Healthcare: this is a product that has been designed so as to provide physical therapy to the patients who are home especially the ones who have suffered stroke or Hemiplegia.

Hajj Management System: this is yet another amazing app designed by GISTIC. This app is designed so as to facilitate the management systems of different pilgrims for the Hajj missions, ministries and agencies.

Vehicle content: this is an app which is well combined with a great framework which is designed to be able to manage the large and dynamic crowd of the transportation eco system. This is an app which has been improved so as to be smart and adaptive to dynamic and huge crowds.

Family Connect pro: this is yet another GISTIC app. it has been developed for an even more interactive network among the pilgrims as well as loved ones. This application makes it possible for them to share text images, audio messages and images in an easy way.

Sahed: this is a system that is used for the visualization and querying of spatio-temporal data. The data which is collected by the remote sensors is made available to the public via different space agencies.

Taghreed: this is a system that is iused for visualizing, analyzing, querying of social medial analysis. It is very valuable when you want to study different trends such as friendships, fashion and so on.

The above are some of the greatest products that the team of experts from GISTIC has made available and they are all very innovative and meet different needs of the people. this Saudi Arabia center still has great things in store and one can expect even more outstanding changes and also many other products from them. There are many more projects that may arise from this center in the future.