The Innovation of Technologies and its Three Types

Are you aware of the fast movement of releasing technologies in the market? THE INNOVATION OF ‘technologies are getting faster as years passes by. Different industries take advantages of people’s interests with advanced and best technology these days. There’s definitely a huge difference in between the earlier days until now most especially when it comes to technologies that are made and sold in the market at a specific price. There are three kinds of technological innovations such as the Semi- Radical, Incremental and Disruptive.

Semi- Radical Technology

This kind of technology typically relies on the existing knowledge about technology. However, it uses knowledge in such ways that it differs importantly into the past. Cellphones were considered before as mobile telephones but it works in another way around these days. It I now for personal communication that has built-in desks for work and systems specifically made for entertainment purposes. Semi Radical is being represented by cell phones and these are what mostly people wants to have in their everyday life.


This type of technology is known as Disruptive as it breaks the traditional ones and this now provide new products and technologies that are more accessible. It is also being considered as disruptive as it pushes the idea about existing businesses and supply chains. For example, digital photography is best because it minimizes traditional films and cameras as well as the e-readers that can make the print media irrelevant.


Incremental technologies are small but have valued improvements for a product and methods. It has a later version of word processing program which allows every user to make new documents types with more effective tools serves as the best example for improving the modern technology.

These three types of innovative technologies are really advantageous in the marketing platform. Even small business can also give advantages of using these things. Here are the following benefits of the innovation of technologies tend to provide:

  • Speed up any Work – a lot of technologies are helpful in making every work fast. From household task too office works, gadgets helps to increase work speed and production.
  • High Profit –the innovation of technologies tend to provide higher profits for every users. It may either be a huge or small business. It helps to increase efficiency of work in return of this, and higher productivity is the result.
  • Quick information access – accessing of information is very quick because of innovation technology. While technology becomes more popular, sending and processing information is easier than before.
  • Developing Communication – unlike the earlier days, communication is easier these days because of innovation of a technology. Meanwhile, having communication despite distance is not an issue anymore. That makes an innovation of technology amazing and advantageous.

These benefits are the reasons why innovation of technologies is continuously. These mentioned benefits provide higher benefits in return for the development of the community and of every country. The three types of innovation technology will always be useful for all people all over the world. In fact, there are some people considering some disadvantages for innovating technologies however, experts in the industry tells how mankind can control the uses of technologies.