The Role of Research Center for the Development of Saudi Arabia

The research center in Saudi Arabia is one of the fields that are currently gaining financial support from the royal government. It is striving for innovative ideas therefore making energy research, technology development and operations’ reliability more efficient. Its main objective is to leverage scientific expertise that will help the country in facing long-term solutions. The R & D centers have been a great help in the research and development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf countries. Apparently, it became well-known because of its belief on the importance of training and research as well as development centers in obtaining quality advancement in the level of researches, studies and consultations.

Furthermore, this research institute today has different state-of –the-art facilities that allow its researchers to explore new techniques and acquire advanced technologies that involve the downstream and upstream operation. Apart from that, the scientist and researchers have developed and investigated industrial procedures and application for a better and effective carbon utilization. The R&D centers in the Saudi Arabia incorporate fundamental research, applied research and experimental development.

Because of these, Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the wealthiest countries not only in the Middle East of Asia but around the globe. The country is now gaining its fame in the field of research and development. It also serves as one of the forefront of the modernization in the Arab countries. The kingdom is recently working for it to be the center of scientific excellence and innovation. Different expenditures on the different areas of study were being launched that result in the increase of knowledge which includes humanity, culture and society and the utilization of the knowledge for new applications and programs. One of the products of its dedication to improve its grasp is the KACST or commonly known as King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

According to Muhannad Al-Othman, the Saudi Attaché in Japan said that scientific research and technology development were essential tools needed by any nation looking for advancement. That’s why Saudi Arabia doesn’t hesitate to spend for approximately 27 per cent of the government funds. Al Othman also said that the government of Saudi Arabia has increasing its funds for the research and development. He further explained that in the pest years, it was only 0.1 per cent of the gross domestic product and now it increases into 0.7 per cent. He also mentioned that according to the National Science and Technology Plan, it will reach about 1.6 in 2020 and about 2 per cent in 2025. He also added that the care for the research valleys in the universities in Dhahran, Riyadh and Jeddah were increasing in number. He then concluded that adding these tools will make them reap the benefits that the country deserves.

Research and development is indeed a great help for the government and the country as a whole. This is the reason why many developing countries are adapting the GIS programs in order to adapt the innovations of technology and other processes relevant to the progress of the various sectors.