Vision and Mission

GIS Mission

The mission of the GIS Innovation Center is to coordinate, educate, guide and assist the implementation, maintenance and development of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology in the country. The center’s primary aims and objectives are to:

  • Contribute, educate, and assist towards the development and implementation of GIS technology in the country.
  • Supporting and helping the development of the GIS field throughout the country
  • Nurture a spirit of teamwork among federal, state and local agencies, private sector and educational institutions in addressing priority GIS issues and information development initiatives for the country.
  • Contribute towards accommodating technical workshops, regular meetings, and conferences for the exchange of data and to exhibit services and products.
  • Develop, distribute, promote and maintain GIS for the overall advantage of the citizens of the country.
  • Inform the public about GIS nature, advantages from geospatial data and correlated technologies, land and geographic information systems, and the Internet.
  • Issue documents, produce educational resources, and encourage education concerning to geographic information and associated technologies.
  • Work in collaboration with different county agencies to give accurate, accessible and comprehensive GIS data, GIS services, and GIS infrastructure that support the business needs of country and the citizens we serve.


GIS Vision

Be the best provider of Geographical Information System services and spatial information in the country.

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiencies of GIS applications and spatial data
  • Give a valued regional resource of GIS expertise and spatial information
  • Increase ability of GIS Innovation Center to meet their business and client needs.
  • Continue logical, business-driven and enterprise-based development of GIS Innovation Center data, systems, applications, regional coordination and staff.
  • Update and maintain data in the GIS information library
  • Administer and maintain software and hardware needed to access the GIS information library
  • Increase the ability of county agencies and citizen to make informed decisions and meet their needs through the effective use of GIS applications and geospatial data.
  • Administer the coordination of GIS movement and events across country
  • Enhance a website which will give citizens and managers to access to geospatial information.

To achieve this vision, GIS Innovation center is organized to:

  • Oversee the core GIS innovation database
  • Give expertise, oversight and guidance for the local GIS community
  • Administer the core system mechanisms that give access to the GIS database
  • Coordinate all over the country GIS software and hardware maintenance and purchase contracts
  • Maintain and develop a standard GIS application and information front end

To accomplish this mission and vision of the GIS Innovation Center we are linked with these values.

Quality: We are focus in maintaining the expertise in technical skills and give original geospatial technology resolutions.

Affiliation: We make sure that we preserve the needs, best success and interests of our buddies at the lead of our actions.

Teamwork: We will strive for the involvement and cooperation of our consumer citizen toward the most effective and efficient applications of GIS technology.

Supervision: We will securely and responsibly keep and uphold our clients’ major investment in GIS resources.

Professionalism: we value to give the highest ethical standards and professional principles based on the code of ethics of Geographic Information System.

Service: We give effective support, responsive, and knowledgeable service to meet our community’s needs for geospatial issues and other GIS applications.